Watercolour course

I was attending watercolour course at Mikkeli.  Artist Marjukka Paunila was our teacher.

This was the first painting I made, outside, by the lawn.

We were celebrating Finland 100 years by painting Finnish nature, flowers.

Now the paintings are at an exhibition at Lappeenranta. The place is called Kaakaopapu and the exhibition is to be seen until 8.8.2017 Monday-Friady 10-16 and Saturday-Sunday 11-15.

By the lake

Today was a first warm and sunny day for weeks. We went to the lake.

I took watercolours with me, he took fishing gear with him.

I got a few watercolour sketches, he got none.

The first coltsfoots

They have emerged again. as from total emptiness, from ugly grey and brownish ground: first coltsfoots.

They don´t hesitate, they are bravely yellow. They are exclamation marks: do you still dare to doubt that spring is not here!

They have funny latin name: Tussilago farfara.

Faded daffodils after the Easter

The daffodils of the Easter have withered, but just now they look interesting.

I draw them with watercolorpencils. Before that I used masking fluid, which has to be rubbed afterwards. White lines appear after the masking fluid has been rubberized.

Trees hold their place in the line

During the spring the weather changes rapidly. There are some sunny days but also storms and freezing sleet. But trees do not panic, tells the Finnish poet Paavo Haavikko in his poem:

No, the tree does not complain. 

“The tree holds its place in the line” even during difficult times, he continues.


Winter poems by Paavo Haavikko. Translation Anselm Hollo in the book On the border. New Writing from Finland 1995.


Underground internet

Underground  internet!

In his wonderful book Peter Wohlleben tells about “internet” that trees have together by their roots and symbiosis with mushrooms.  Trees can exchange information about  water situation or insect attacks. What a fascinating idea!

Peter Wohlleben: Das Geheime Leben der Bäume. Was sie Fühlen, wie sie kommunizieren – die Entdeckung einer verborgenen Welt. 2015. Puiden salattu elämä in Finnish.