Open air painting session at Kenkävero

We had a paintig day (Suomen kuvataiteen päivä 10.7.) at the garden of a wonderful old parsonage Kenkävero Mikkeli, which is now a popular place for tourists to visit.

Full sushine. Tourists. Some were eager to see how to paint watercolor outside. Children wanted to try themselves.

The day is organized by the Finnish Watercolor Society and there are happenings around the country every summer 10.7.

A crow had a message

One day I saw a black big crow flying high above the sky. It definitely had a message, it was cawing with noisy voice.

Suddenly I realized what it had in mind: it was informing about the forest harvesting going on nearby. Hundreds of spruce and pine trunks were collected.

A neighbor saw it also and said he knows where the nest is. It is located on the most beautiful spot on high cliff.

They say that crows are the most intelligent animals. They are very communicative and even don´t forget human faces.

Granulated watercolor


Some watercolors are interesting in the way they granulate. They kind of paint themselves.

Burnt umber is one of those, here is an example. Neutral tint is another interesting watercolor pigment.




Spruce in the early spring

I have long wondered how to mix the color of spruce in the early spring as the snow is shimmering and the sun is shining strongly.

Green but not green. Dark but not black. The color becomes more of the opposite color than local color.

Here the  color of spruce is the mixture of viridian green and permanent magenta.