Watercolours at Mikkeli

Watercolour exhibition by Katja Antonoff at Mikkeli GalleriAri 4.4.-30.4.

-All my works are dealing with silence. That is my theme, the artist tells.

Watercolor Nameless at the left.

Katja Antonoff works at Hyvinkää but runs Art House Ylöjärvi at Ristiina summertime. She teaches watercolor painting and other art courses at Ylöjärvi.

A way of lissening

Are you able to lissen what a chanterelle has to say? To be that silent and focused?

Waldur Mikita, an Estonian writer, claims that Estonians are able. Maybe the Finns too.

In his book of Kanttarellin kuuntelemisen taito (in English: Lissening to a chanterelle) he says that real specialists are “the old grandmothers at countryside”. They have learned to know the nature by heart and they are important cultural ambassadors for their grandchildren. Great job!

Wonderful watercolors at Lahti

I was visiting 90th anniversary exhibition of Finnish Painters´ Association at art museum Lahti.

I especially liked the wonderful watercolors by artist Senja Vellonen (above and below).

The exhibition is open until 2.12. 2018.

Photos by Jussi Tiainen.

Art from the forest

Walking in the forest is like walking in a three-dimensional art work. One can also focus on small objects from nature. Soili Arha is internationally known artist who makes her own art from nature. The examples are from larger works in the book Tekstiilitaidetta luonnosta (Textile art from nature. Soili Arha and Teija Isohauta. Maahenki 2015).