Forest teaches us

Forest can teach us. We just have to lissen. One day I asked my husband what he had learned from the forest that day. He told he had tried to imitate the sound of a a new bird “sinitiainen” (Cyanistes caeruleus). The bird had been amazed.

At Salmela

A painting by Rafael Wardi.

A room full of paintings by Rafael Wardi at Salmela art exhibition. That was one of the highlights of the summer. I also liked paintings by Jaakko Sievänen among others.

Elephants in Finnish forest

A watercolor by my 5 years old grandson.

Once I was talking with my grandson about the animals in the forest around our house. He was 3 years then.

Wonderful age! Different animals were most inspiring for him.

As we talked about what animals we might face, he said with hopeful eyes : “Elephant might come” .

Now he is five. Brilliant artist.

Watercolor course at Ristiina

I attended a watercolor course at Yövesi Art studio Ristiina in July. The artist Katja Antonoff was inspiring teacher and the whole course a total art piece with good vegetarian food, music performances and a trip to Astuvansalmi rock paintings.

View from the sauna

Yövesi Art studio at Ristiina
Watercolor from Astuvansalmi rock paintings by Seija Sultan
Rock-watercolor by Liisa Hyrkkänen
Rocks at Astuvansalmi

Time of violets

Geothe carried always seeds of Viola Odorata (Tuoksuorvokki in Finnish) in his pockets and sprinkled them around while his daily walking. Thus the world would come a bit nicer place to live, he thought.

So tells Eeva Ruoff in her book Tuoksuva puutarha ( in English: The Fragrant garden).

Viola canina at our yard (in Finnish Aho-orvokki)