Elephants in Finnish forest

A watercolor by my 5 years old grandson.

Once I was talking with my grandson about the animals in the forest around our house. He was 3 years then.

Wonderful age! Different animals were most inspiring for him.

As we talked about what animals we might face, he said with hopeful eyes : “Elephant might come” .

Now he is five. Brilliant artist.

Granulated watercolor


Some watercolors are interesting in the way they granulate. They kind of paint themselves.

Burnt umber is one of those, here is an example. Neutral tint is another interesting watercolor pigment.




More watercolor experiments





Today I have tried a new liquid: ox gall solution. When a few drops are added to water, the pigments flow even more freely on the paper. The upper image is painted on rough watercolorpaper, the lower on smooth one.