Watercolor and the smoothness of surface



Today I have played with different surfaces.

Usually watercolor painter uses special watercolor paper. It absorbs pigment well. But what if the surface is something different? If the surface is even and non-resistant?

Here the paper is non-absorbing, covered by thin plastic  Now colors spred on the surface freely, one can almost see the pigment particles!

Mountains, great forms


Mountains, hills, no trees. I once had a possibility to daily paint  at Malaga countryside.

It was useful for a watercolor artist. To try to see the whole, the big forms, lights and big shadows. Finnish forest is full of trees and it can happen that you ” are not able to see the forest because of the individual trees”  (a Finnish saying).

Last Saturday I remembered my year at Malaga when I listened the speech of the chairman of the Finnish Watercolour society. The society had its annual meeting and the chairman explained the international watercolor symposium that was held this fall at Gordoba. The Spanish watercolor painters had made wonderful landscape watercolors, she told.  She added that may be the explanation is the possibility to paint outside all year around.



About painting nature



It is inspiring to play with water and pigment and see how it goes. Watercolourtubes have the strongest pigment.

I find the trees difficult to paint. They want to take the main role in the painting and

won´t  lend themselves readily to their environment. It is a question of colour balance.