Art at Valamo monastery

I visited Valamo monastery at Heinävesi located in eastern Finland. They have an art exhihibition until 7.2.2014.

Some of the paintings interested me, as one by Vilho Sjöström and another by Helmi Kuusi. Both well educated, skilled painters.

In the monasterylibrary there was an exhibition of old handwritten manuscripts. What  amount of concentration and alertness those contain!

To see Granada



According to Spanish saying if  one hasn`t seen Granada, one really hasn`t  yet seen anything worthwhile.


We had a family gathering at Malaga at Christmas time and were able to take a trip to Granada. We wanted to see Alhambra, of course,  but the tickets had been sold out already at 10.a.m. Though it was winter and no tourist rush.

Internet reservation wasn´t possible either as those tickets were sold up to February 2015.

But we saw beautiful old stone walls of Alhambra and experienced the old part of the city. In our group there was even a dear one-year old with us.

luonnos tuli joulu 2014