Color notes: new beginnings

color notes1


color notes3

Most of my paintings at this blog are “color notes”. They are small pieces of paper that I have painted at random, while working with some larger works.

There is something interesting in them, so that I can´t throw them away. Perhaps they hide some ideas or solutions for future paintings.

Today I learned that William Turner, the greatest of all watercolour painters, left 20 000 unseen works, 300 of them watercolour sketches, labelled as Colour Beginnings (John Blokley: Watercolour, practice and progress 1985).

Visit at a village school

koulu-2b koulu-1

What a view this local school has over the fields and forest. Students are enjoying the surroundings between the classes.

I went this school today to give some watercolour classes. We practiced e.g. how strong artist-level pigments are. And how watercolour painting is  always team play between water and pigments.

Local library has made this possible. It has done so much to all areas of art, there is a poem group and story hour for  small children and always art exhibitions.

Long live the local libraries and small willage schools!