Elephants in Finnish forest

A watercolor by my 5 years old grandson.

Once I was talking with my grandson about the animals in the forest around our house. He was 3 years then.

Wonderful age! Different animals were most inspiring for him.

As we talked about what animals we might face, he said with hopeful eyes : “Elephant might come” .

Now he is five. Brilliant artist.

Watercolor course at Ristiina

I attended a watercolor course at Yövesi Art studio Ristiina in July. The artist Katja Antonoff was inspiring teacher and the whole course a total art piece with good vegetarian food, music performances and a trip to Astuvansalmi rock paintings.

View from the sauna

Yövesi Art studio at Ristiina
Watercolor from Astuvansalmi rock paintings by Seija Sultan
Rock-watercolor by Liisa Hyrkkänen
Rocks at Astuvansalmi