Play and fun in Tallinn

I have a joy to participate at an exhibition at Tallinn center MTÜ Kadrioru Galerii 29.01.-19.02.2023 .

When I first realized that the theme for the exhibition was Play, improvisation and joy, I wondered how it is possible to paint that kind of theme when there were all these sad war news and other difficult issues going around in Europe. Then when weeks went by I came to the conclusion that it was a wise idea from Estonian Watercolour Society to select such a theme. Play is something we need now, let us look at children how they focus at their games.

So I wanted to take bright colors and try to paint winterplay-feeling. For colors I chose French Ultramarine and Verona green. The watercolour is 50 x 75 cm Winter play 2022.

Thanks to the Finnish Watercolour Society, another organizer for sending painting-pakages and informing about the exhibition.