New Abstract

Painting with acrylics after years of watercolour. What a joy.

I’ve had a lot of skepticism about acrylics earlier. Plastic, I have thought, not real pigment not real medium…But it can be versatile, even in my hands.

Modern rag rug I. Acrylic painting on paper. 33 cm x 47 cm.

Towards abstraction…and joy

Acrylic painting on paper. 43 cm x 52 cm.

I have long wanted to get my painting hand loosened. Now I took part in Louise Fletcher`s free short course FIND YOUR JOY! These I painted on that internet-course yesterday and today.

I have never been told Find your joy… and now I feel it is more important than ever. I would like everyone to have that possibility. Many of us have felt so abondened and weary last years. And so many emotions have not been heard or met.

Acrylic painting on paper. 48 cm x 56 cm.

Louise Fletcher has this kind taster-course once a year (and of course many official art courses). Now there are 50 000 participants. She shows some videos how to use different materials. Assignments are simple as Paint something you have never done.

I am so thankful of the attitude and inspiration that flows from her.