Watercolor book for children


Trixie, Button and Tuft are “watercolor animals”.  They are having adventures in my  Watercolorquide for children (for 4-6 years). It is written in Finnish and can be purchased at the Ateneum bookstore in Helsinki (Lasten oma akvarellikirja. Studio Yellow House 2013).

In the book children are taught to create creatures of their own, not only to color images made by others. They also learn how to mix watercolors from three basic colors.

At the end of the book there are also notes for parents what one should buy (only three tubes, brush and paper! ) and how to help children painting creative watercolors.


First pages of the book:

Do you know what happened when I let the blue colour spread on some damp paper?

At first I just watched the color finding its own way. Then I decided to speed it up a bit. I took some water on the tip of the paintbrush and added some more blue paint. I let the brush run lightly on the paper.

Here you can see what a handsome blue painting it turned out to be. It might be a little messy, but I think it’s quite exciting.

Do you want to hear what happened next?

I started hearing a small whimpering sound from the painting. Honestly.

When I looked very closely, I could see an animal of sorts on one side of the painting. You also can have another peek at the picture above. You will see that on one side of the messy painting there really is some creature (in fact two if you look closely)!

The whimpering sound came again.

– Maybe you could let me loose, the creature said.

– I’ve been in the same position for a long time, and my neck hurts.

I cut the animal out. I thought it would also need a name.

– You could be Trixie.

She gave a nod. I think she liked her name.

Now I had my own animal. Then Trixie started to look around and said:

– Where could I run around a little?

I said I could paint some grass for her. I picked up the paintbrush, and Trixie pushed her muzzle right next to the paper to see better.

I wanted to show Trixie how to mix some green grass colour. As I began my painting I had squeezed some blue colour from a watercolour tube on the rim of a kitchen plate. Now I added a spot of yellow on the plate rim. Then I mixed the colours in a little water in the center of the plate. Then with the brush I tried the new colour mixture on the paper.

Here you can see what I achieved. The blue and the yellow have not been completely mixed, but I think the paint marks are even finer because of it. (the book continues and there will be more watercolor creatures).