Finger exercises

It has been too long since I painted last time. Now it is time to begin the finger exercises. This is a watercolor from today. It takes at least three weeks before the hand begins to get used to painting.


Winter is time of black and white here in Finland. At sunrises and sunsets one can even see beautiful silhouettes.

This silhouette was made of me one summer as I was 14 years old and visiting the Linnanmäki amusement park at Helsinki. One could just sit at the chair for a while and the artist cut the paper in a few minutes. How skilful!

As I published this image, some friends have contacted me and told about the artists whom they think might have done this papercut. At Linnanmäki there has been three artists working: Onni Pursiainen and Eero Manninen and later Manninen´s daughter Sirkka Lekman ( It is a pity that there is no signature at the image. But thanks for the messages!

Beautiful moss rug

At fall one can find beautiful colors on the cliffs. The colors remind me of the rug my grandmother has made and designed (part of it below).

My grandmother had no schooling at textile craft but made great curtains and rugs. Also clothes.

“Just add egg”

Tempera on chalk base
Tempera on plastic

We can still make the colors by ourselves. One can use mere pigments and egg, oil and water as emulsion. That is called tempera painting.

The base for tempera can be wood, fabric or almost anything.First image I have painted on self-made chalk base and the second (above) on Lanavanguard, polypropylen -paper.

I once got inspiration from an article at an artist magazine Just add egg!