Caput mortuum

On the watercolor below I used the fine tone Caput Mortuum. I think this dark reddish brown pigment is perfect tint of the ground after snow has melted. The shade varies, this pigment is Sennelier 919.

After a while there is new life after Caput Mortuum (lat.)


One third of the snow is still left. No green leaves on the ground. But yesterday I found some crocuses. At the same time the first butterfly came to suck nectar out of them. Lemon butterfly with bright yellow wings! I was so happy there were those five crocuses for it to suck.

The silence we almost lost

At this era of lock down many of us have realized how we had already lost the sense of silence, peace and tranquility at our busy lives.

Nature can help us. Books can help us.

Austin Kleon (“a writer hos draws”) refers in his blog to the columns by American writer Brian Doyle. Doyle has written a book One long river of song: notes on wonder, which has been called “the greatest nature essay ever”. One is able to read Doyle`s nice columns on different subjects online at the address: