Forest teaches us

Forest can teach us. We just have to lissen. One day I asked my husband what he had learned from the forest that day. He told he had tried to imitate the sound of a a new bird “sinitiainen” (Cyanistes caeruleus). The bird had been amazed.

Elephants in Finnish forest

A watercolor by my 5 years old grandson.

Once I was talking with my grandson about the animals in the forest around our house. He was 3 years then.

Wonderful age! Different animals were most inspiring for him.

As we talked about what animals we might face, he said with hopeful eyes : “Elephant might come” .

Now he is five. Brilliant artist.

Olive trees


Visiting Malaga again. There is no forest (except at natural zones) in Andalusia. No wonder, trees were beaten off already at Roman times during the first centuries due to the shipping industry and mining.

But: instead there are wonderful, old olive trees, almost like forests of them. Spain is the biggest olive oil producer of the world and most of it is made in Andalusia.

Did you know that at an olive tree is as its best when it is 40 years old?  And it can produce olives at least up to 140 years. Still there are strong trees that are many hundreds of years old.