Outside painting at Kenkävero

Today painting at Kenkävero Garden, Mikkeli. It was the birthday of Helene Schjerfbeck, famous Finnish painter.

People were inrested to see how pigment and water are flowing on the watercolour paper.

There were 6-8 painters at the open air painting session, which was organized by Finnish Watercolour Society. All over the country there were 30 of these kind of painting happenings.

Mallow is blossoming

It has been incredible hot. Plants and also people are suffering from draught. But today we got some rain! How thankful I am.

Have we forgot who has created the planet, the plants and its people?

Bible says (Joel 2:23): He sends you abundant showers, both autumn and spring rains…

Winter blues

This is a small watercolor painting I made Yesterday. I tried to give watercolor some more light by taking color off from the paper with a sponge or paper towel while the paper was damp.

Finger exercises

It has been too long since I painted last time. Now it is time to begin the finger exercises. This is a watercolor from today. It takes at least three weeks before the hand begins to get used to painting.